Saturday 17th March 2018

#24DaysofXmas Photos. 1-8 Dec. 366/333.

#24DaysofXmas Photos. 1-8 Dec. 366/333.

I wrote here about this photo challenge which I started in preparation for the 24 days leading up to Christmas.

Some lovely people on Instagram and Facebook have joined in and it’s fun to see their take on the prompts.

Here are my photos for this week. Two of my entries were mini vids so I did not include them.

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Family of 2 (that’s me and hub) just need a small tree with some pretty lights & g’kids decorations!


No tinsel in this house…was a staple when our family was young for making decorations.


Words to Live By.


Our old traditional wreath is resting in the Christmas box so I made this one with art and an app.


When the grandkids who are now teens were young, it was mandatory to have a sleepover at our place and view the pretty lights in the neighbourhood. Now, this is the little display on the right is at our place.


The green of a living tree cannot be replicated!

Do you like photo challenges?

Are you  taking Christmas photos in the Christmas season?


Joining with Lydia over here for her Christmas link up.

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  1. I’m enjoying the photo challenge Denyse and looking at all the participants’ images.

  2. “Presence”. Yep I agree with that one.

  3. Thanks for sharing at, Denyse, and for your comments.

  4. Been a bit useless but will try to get my act together….

  5. Love the words to live by Denyse! Love photo challenges when I remember to do them!

    • Yes, I do too. I also am doing just my photo challenge this time round..and managing to remember it! Thanks for your link up Steph.