Sunday 19th January 2020

2 Months to Christmas Eve. #ltw7. 366/298.

2 Months to Christmas Eve. #ltw7. 366/298.

Adding this post here for #ChristmasLinkUp !

I chose this prompt and yet I am somewhat challenged by writing what’s ahead. Why? Christmas Eve is N O T H I N G like it used to be (for me) and I need to A C C E P T that. Ok, I did a year ago, so I am not going to wallow any more. Christmas and all that it brings to family life is completely different now that we are the retired couple who live away from the family. And the family has changed. For all the different reasons families do over time! We will be by ourselves for Christmas and getting used to the changes too. It is fine. Life is like this! So, for the prompt I am writing what Christmas Eve was back then, when our now grown kids with their own kids were the kids in 1980s. CHRISTMAS EVE:

  • traditions…we would go to Christmas Eve mass, then return home with Maccas for tea and have a sing-along with guitar (hub) and holding candles (kids) and making memories on the camera (me)
  • food prep for the next day, depending on who was hosting for Christmas Day for the extended family, would include peeling oh so many potatoes, along with pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes for the “baked dinner” of mammoth proportions which included chicken, pork, ham and turkey!
  • setting the table and finalising decorations for the area, along with added crockery containing sweets, chocolates, nuts, and the ‘christmas bon bons’
  • exciting time…because Santa is nearly here…before bedtime, a snack and a drink is left out for Santa by the kids, and some carrots and water for those tired and thirsty reindeer
  • longing for bed time (for the kids) on long, light evenings and then waiting…waiting…waiting..for them to go to sleep so present-packing into Santa’ bags (left under the tree for him) could commence
  • packing presents (once they were unearthed from the cupboards, back of wardrobes) and checking to ensure ‘the bags and contents looked even enough in terms of quality and quality’. Sigh. I sometimes failed this because I would forget what I had. So, a present or 3 might be held back for an upcoming birthday
  • lugging Santa bags to place at bottom of the child’s bed and hoping against all hope, no-one woke
  • relaxing by singing along with the Christmas Carols By Candlelight on TV and remember the lovely times of yesteryear
  • going to bed…excited and tired…not with sugar plums dancing around my head but lists of ‘to do’ for the BIG family lunch the next day

NOT our house but close-ish!! except: Summer! Credit:×768-1

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  1. Haha. I jumped the queue and freaked out about Christmas approaching on Saturday. Easy link for me this week.

    We are hosting Christmas at our house this year for the first time in around 13 years. My son has never had Christmas at home and my daughter has only had it once. I can’t wait! We normally go to the my parents or the in-laws. Things are changing …

    • Oh how exciting and I am glad for your kids that it is at home. I remember when that happened in our family too and we no longer had to ‘do the drive’. Mum still contributed with her food of course, but I liked making my version of Christmas for us once our family became larger and extended. Now, of course, it has shrunk but its part of life’s cycle.

  2. I can see why a Christmas at home without the extended family might be a bit of a let down after hearing all the preparations that went into the fun of the day.

    My first Christmas away from family in London was strange. It felt empty. There wasn’t any backyard cricket or watching kids open presents all excited. But maybe it’s time for you and your husband to start some new traditions?

    • It’s actually Ok as it changed over the past years when our kids (who have kids of their own and extended family to share) made their changes. So, we had a “last” family Christmas at our place some years ago. We used to visit the youngest kids at their house on Christmas morning to check out that Santa brought! The last year we were in Sydney and we were essentially packed up, our daughter and her kids hosted all of us and that was nice. B and I will make the day a little different and we are chatting about it already.

  3. I love Christmas and it will be at our house again this year. We celebrate on Christmas Eve due to my parents European heritage. We live in a suburb where we have the local fire service drive past on Christmas Eve with Santa on board and all the young kids, my nieces and nephews as my kids are too old, get so excited that Santa visits throwing lollies to them! They then have a swim whilst I finalise the meal prep. After dinner, presents are opened!

    • You get an RFS santa! So do my brother and sister-in-law… and I may be a massive kid at heart and am slightly jealous of them 😉

      • Hi Ingrid and Kat,
        We had an RFS Santa run here in our new street on the coast last year and it was such a thrill! Even got to meet the neighbours and donate to the local Firies. There was always an RFS event in the northwest suburbs when we lived there too. Thanks for reminding me !!

    • I hope its a very special one Ingrid and I love reading about your Christmas traditions. Have a great time at your place hosting!

  4. I’ve linked up and been reminded it means there’s still time to get stuff done before 2016 disappears.

    I’m not a huge fan of Christmas. I suspect when my niece was little it was more exciting (or when I was young) but not so much now.

    • So true about ‘kids made Christmas’ and I was recalling that today when we had the ‘gap’ of no little kids between our children growing up and then their kids arriving. It was the best fun! The grandkids always did the tree decorating with me too.

  5. sounds like my childhood Christmases! and now I do it all again for my kids. only 62 sleeps!

    • That’s lovely to know Cate. I think in their own ways our kids follow some of the ways of Christmas they recall too. I love that you are excited!!

  6. My kids are only little so it is exciting times in our house! My daughter has already spotted Santa flying past the window!

  7. I love Christmas Eve so long as I’m organised and have all the gifts wrapped. I think it’s a time for relaxing (especially since we go out Christmas Day and I don’t have to cook!) and being with family.

  8. It’s going to be an easier Christmas this year. We’ve decided to have the day to ourselves and then have our respective mums over late afternoon for casual platter nibbles and drinks. I just didn’t want to be rushing around, prepping, timing, hustling, travelling, doing dishes or hosting and with most of the family out of the state this year, it’s worked out anyway. So Christmas Eve will be relaxed. We’ll put out a snack and a drink for Father Christmas and a carrot for his reindeer and maybe find a Christmas movie to watch before getting to work assembling the IKEA play kitchen and unicorn bike on behalf of the bearded one. (Really must have a word to the Elf Union about time and a half on Christmas Eve!)

    • Ha! That is a cool way to go, Beth. I hope that everything ‘assembly-wise’ works out. I know our kids have had some Christmas eve late assembly times! These included a cubby house that was transported when the kids were in bed a few days earlier and covered up…and the little kids didnt even notice it was there until reveal after Santa had been.

  9. Ah its hard to accept the changes, isn’t it. Especially when what is no more was just so wonderful. I guess all things come with time, and they are what we make it. I hope Christmas for you is more wonderful than you think xo

    • I am getting better at it because I have to and because I am also grateful to have had such good times to recall. Nevertheless it will be up to us this year to make something lovely of the day too. Locally there is a Santa surf event in the morning and we will pop over and see how that goes! I hope yours is a wonderful one too. Love the age your kids are at for Chrissy!! xx

  10. Breakfast at Maccas!! A tradition for us too through the Christmas break.

    Thank you for sharing those lovely memories.

    SSG xxx

  11. I love your old traditions. We always used to go to a chinese restaurant with my parents on Christmas eve back in the 70s and 80s. In the morning we opened our presents and then went to visit my pop. Fun times. I’m looking forward to Christmas this year after a shitty one last year!

    • YES! I remember that last year you did not get anything like a its lovely to think this year will be wonderful. I liked reading about the Chinese restaurant memories too. D x

  12. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    I love Christmas, it is by far my favourite time of the year. But I am not organised at all this year. I have no idea what to buy for my three daughters. It is always a busy time for me as I am in charge of buying all of the gifts, and we have quite a big family.

    • Well then…perhaps I could suggest “books?” LOL. OK, I am being funny and not helpful. Do your girls do Christmas lists? I know they can get carried away. I remember showing my kids catalogues back in the day for ideas. However, their ideas and our finances did not always match!!

  13. Our Christmas Eve is pretty similar except we don’t go to mass or do much cooking around here. But I hear you on the endless waiting for the kids to go to sleep so present distribition can commence and the tradition of watching Carols by Candlelight on the TV!

    • I went to Mass because I “thought” it was nice being part of the Christmas thing…LOL.. I like that you too experience that ‘when the heck will they be asleep!! Thanks for linking up today!

  14. I’m playing ostrich and pretending it’s still a long way away … 😉

  15. Christmas has evolved for us also. It’s always a busy time of year. We don’t make a big deal of Christmas and we don’t buy presents for adults, but the parents of children and grandparents still do a gift for the kids in the morning at their own houses. We don’t usually get-together because with my 6 siblings and in-laws all vying for time, it’s more difficult to be in one place. We ring and catch up sometime over the day, unless it’s specially organised. If getting together is a priority we do it throughout the year not just wait for one day of the year.

    More importantly, we get together throughout the year. My mum and dad 75 and 85 respectively, see me during school holidays. We have about four family get togethers throughout the year with whomever is in Townsville. Every two years the Brisbane family meet and we have a bigger get-together no matter what time of year.

  16. It sounds like it really works out as you have evolved the ways to gather and celebrate as needed. Christmas can be a highly contentious time for families if they get caught up in the ‘must do’ rather than the understanding that things change over time. Thank you for sharing your Christmas, Maria.

  17. I love Christmas time. It’s a special and exciting time for me, I guess I love when (most of) the family come together. I always make pavlova and/or prawn salad to take along, hopefully I will be remembered for that one day.

    There’s a little more magic with kids too. I am looking forward to taking them to the christmas parade in a month, we always put the christmas tree up when we get home, and not a day before! 😀

    • I loved reading about your Christmas and I know what you mean about being remembered. My eldest granddaughter who is almost 20 told me last year that I am the reason she loves Christmas so much!! That was so special!

  18. Yay! I made it. lol Sounds very much like my Christmas growing up Denyse. It’s all different now. I try to keep a few of the traditions that I grew up with and share them with the children. They love it and even though it might be slightly different to my childhood, it will be their memories and they’ll be nice just the same.

    Thanks for hosting Denyse.

    Anne xx

    • Making memories is definitely part of the life cycle of being a parent and you are passing on some to your kids from your childhood which is lovely. I am glad you linked up this week! Cheers, Denyse

  19. Finally getting a few minutes to post & link. This year will be so different for us. We normally spent part of the day with my family & the afternoon & evening with our best friends & neighbours. They’re no longer a family as they were last year, so everything will be different. Plus, we’re probably moving away so this could be the last year we spend Xmas in Sydney for some time. Who knows what next year will bring.

    • I can so understand “everything will be different” as this has happened to us since moving away from family and the families themselves going through changes. Changes with the times are hard but also can be liberating. I am hoping so anyway! Thanks for linking up Jo! Denyse

  20. Christmas always sounds so exhausting — especially for those who host it and those with kids. I must admit I didn’t grow up with Christmas so I unfortunately have none of those memories you share. Since coming to Australia, I have spent Christmases with a friend, and with partners and by myself. My favourite Christmas of all time was in 2012 — I was single and it was a sunny day and I hit the beach and had it all to myself.

    Can you believe though it’s only two months to Christmas? I can’t wait for some time off! 😀

    • It is good to have your perspective Sanch! Thank you for that. I know it ‘sounds’ and ‘is’ exhausting on so many levels but the memories soften a lot of that I for one am glad I have them. I loved your favourite Christmas! Thanks for linking up! Denyse

  21. It must be hard – we build in so many traditions and then they come to an end. Maybe start a street party with your new neighbours or some other festivity. I do keep this in mind for my parents, and we always spend xmas with them (my inlaws have about 20 grand kids so 3 missing is hardly a big deal, but it’s a big hole in my parents table)