Wednesday 18th July 2018

Denyse Blogs to Connect.

About Denyse and Why She Blogs!

I blog to connect! 

In 2015 blogging daily was my focus on some days as it was the ‘only familiar’ routine in a much-changed world for me. Retirement from my work life in education and schooling means finding other ways in which to connect with people. I am still learning! A work-in-progress! I love the blogging community in Australia and have made many friends on-line and in real life.

In mid 2016 I began to blog less frequently but added a Link Up called Life This Week each Monday and it’s great seeing others come in a join with their blogs and comments.

In May 2017 I was diagnosed with cancer. It had been found in the top gums of my mouth and upper inner lip. Major surgery in July 2017 ‘took’ all of the known cancer along with other tissue leaving me, for the foreseeable future until more surgeries, not much mouth and very few teeth. I have written several posts and updates about Cancer and you can find those posts here, in chronological order.

I’d love you to come on my journey and connect here too.

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