Thursday 23rd February 2017

Denyse Blogs in 2016.

About Denyse and Why She Blogs!

I blog to connect! 

I’m Denyse Whelan and in 2015 my husband and I made the move to the coast. We  lived in Sydney since 1978 and our family of adult kids and 8 grandkids is still there, but it’s now time for “us”.

We’ve been renting houses on the Central Coast as we discover what we want for our future/forever home.

In 2015 blogging daily was my focus on some days as it was the ‘only familiar’ routine in a much-changed world for me. Retirement from my work life in education and schooling means finding other ways in which to connect with people. I am still learning! A work-in-progress!

The connections I have made and re-established via blogging have re-energised me and helped me focus on the on-line community I value. I look forward to making more connections in 2016.

I blogged each day of 2016 until 1 November when I decided that I wanted to choose which topics to blog about and not blog each day. 

I’d love you to come on my journey and connect here too.

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Thank you!


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