Monday 18th December 2017

Denyse and Her Cancer Story.

Denyse and Her Cancer Story.

Day Before: Surgery. Last time I had (fake) top teeth.

When I first did a blog post called “I Have Cancer” it blew me away that so many people not only read that post but commented and supported me in the most difficult of life’s challenges: being diagnosed with cancer.

Initially I wanted to keep the cancer story as just a part of my regular blogging and not to highlight it or become known as a cancer blogger as there is so much more to me than cancer. However, a friend who started blogging here after her initial cancer diagnosis wrote some very helpful (to me and others I am sure) posts and when I wanted to compare how I was feeling to another, it was reassuring that everything was pretty normal from the emotional highs and lows to getting to know how to navigate the hospital and medical institutions.

So, now over 3 months since my surgery and almost 5 months since diagnosis I have added this page to the blog header. I have links here to my posts and they are also on another page.

Day I was discharged to come home.

IF this helps a reader who pops in then I am glad. Add a comment if the comments are still open (I will see they are!) and let me know how you are too!



Recent Photo – late September 2017

Since being diagnosed with a pretty unusual cancer for a non-smoker and non-drinking older woman in her late 60s I have blogged about what it has been like to:

  1. find out that I have cancer
  2. the steps I had to take to move courageously towards getting the right treatment which was surgery
  3. recover from a very gruelling surgery
  4. come home and learn how to be patient…not  easy
  5. to be grateful for the small things in each day
  6. have the knowledge that cancer affects so many of us
  7. become part of a ‘group’ no-one really wants to belong to
  8. garner courage and skills to help myself deal with all that has arisen to date.