Saturday 18th January 2020

You Know When It’s The Right Time. 233/365.

You Know When It’s The Right Time. 233/365.

The right time…for:


I’m joining Australian Cricket Captain Michael Clark in announcing my retirement…

Ok…I have put myself up there with one of the big guys in the news, yeah?

But it’s the same principle applied.

It is ‘better’ if you know when to stop work/finish up a role/ move on for yourself.

A decision made by others on your behalf doesn’t always sit well and it can be quite damaging over a long time.

This was what happened for me with my decision not to return to work as a principal in 2003.

It was due to ill-health brought on by the over-load of the role, and my employer gave me no option other than to resign or go back into the role or similar in another school. NO! said my treating health professionals.

No dignified exit, no farewell, no real thank you… because of government employment policies at the time and the superannuation I had…too long to re-tell…but I cite this as I know the difference between THAT…and


Finally, since winding down from my years as a classroom teacher (caring farewell at end of 2009) and then as a university tutor (lovely farewell at the end of 2014) I have said goodbye to working as an independent education consultant and received appreciation via words and flowers, and the similar kind words for my role within BOSTES as an external observer.

I felt valued.

I am ready to move on.

How about you?

Have you ever been ‘made to move on’ but you have not been ready?

Tell me your story!

Denyse xx

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Year 5 Classroom where I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Balgowlah Hts PS.


Hard work and many rewards thanks to these.


Richmond PS…my office as principal 1999-2003 ..bottom right.