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About Denyse Whelan B.Ed. M.Ed.

Denyse Whelan. B.Ed. M.Ed.

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Denyse Whelan is a now-retired K-6 Australian school educator who has been a K-6 teacher, deputy principal and school principal, university tutor, and ESL teacher of children and adults.

She has more than 4 decades of experience as both an educator and parent in the Australian schooling system, specifically N.S.W. Public Schools. She has worked in schools including the small 2 teacher schools in remote NSW, Central Schools K-12 in NSW, large Western Sydney K-6 Schools.

Her roles as principal saw her manage and lead two schools in low-socio economic areas of Western Sydney as relieving principal over the decade of the 1990s. Into the 21st century, her substantive school principal role in another area she was selected to lead a large school with mainstream students, a special education support unit, 2 ‘opportunity classes’ (GAT) and an Autism Spectrum Satellite Class.

Denyse believes in life-long learning and that learning takes place formally and informally in our lives every day.


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In 2010 Denyse began writing her first blog posts and from the personal posts, she added blogging topics to include helping families negotiate schools and education, guiding teachers in the early years of teaching and family matters including grandparenting, retirement and more!

A long-time member of a number of different blogging communities in Australia and the United States, Denyse believes in the power of connection and communication. She has been a daily blogger and now is committed to writing posts each week.

In 2015 Denyse made a life change with her husband and left Sydney (along with her roles in education and close family connections) to ‘retire’ on the NSW Central Coast. This proved to be a greater emotional challenge than she anticipated. Denyse blogged every day as a way to ‘talk’ through aspects of the journey and to share her thoughts and photographs.


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From 1 November 2016, each topic remains but there will be no new blog post each day! Mondays remain static for the link-up Denyse has developed called Life This Week. Denyse will also be linking up with other bloggers over the 7 days of the week but will not longer be blogging daily.

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For Denyse, blogging is about communication and connection.

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