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Taking Stock #4. 36/51 #LifeThisWeek. 93/2019.

Taking Stock #4. 36/51 #LifeThisWeek. 93/2019.

It’s a great idea to ‘take stock’ in life and so it is here in the world of blogging too. Many of those who follow my blog already have established ‘taking stock’ practices and we have Pip Lincoln to thank for this notion for her original taking stock here.

Every 9 weeks is the practice to keep me ‘accountable’ and it’s part of my optional prompt menu. Noting this will be the second last for 2019. Gosh, where has that time gone.


Making: time for myself to just ‘be’ is a goal at the moment. I have always been a ‘do’ person.

Cooking: batch meals. Some for my husband (with a few for Dad). Always appreciated and oh so glad not have to answer the question “what’s for dinner” every night as a result.

Drinking: as I type, soda water. Feel the need to a refresh. Nice cold.

Reading: daily newspaper…which is no longer home delivered but I am happy to drive to our local friendly newsagent as she puts the paper away for us.

Wanting: MORE art supplies but not actually NEEDING them.

Looking: at so many art supply places on-line. I look for ‘free shipping’ but also notice, that is a bit of a furphy as the price of items is a bit higher than those where you pay for shipping.

Playing: mahjong on the ipad which I listen to Audible books

Wasting: not much at all

Wishing: for all of us who need better health or to stay well…get that wish


Enjoying: life

Waiting: for Monday….

Liking: this blogging community

Wondering: If what happens on Monday will work

Loving: my husband and my family. 

Meeting the youngest grandchild on her birthday in 2015.

Hoping: that we never have to wait so long again for another event like Monday’s

Marvelling: that I can ‘string’ out what is happening on Monday.

Needing: to tell you: we live in a rented house. It’s 4 years old. The dishwasher broke down 9 weeks ago and WE are waiting for MONDAY’S supposed repair of same.

Smelling: freshly made cupcakes which I need to ice now they are cool.

Wearing: the cute little slippers my friend sent me in 2017.

in 2017 I had bandages. Not anymore,

Following: the news of any relief from the drought in Australia

Noticing: that we are yet to see forecasts of much needed decent rainfall.

Knowing: soon there will be water restrictions here on the Central Coast as there should be.

Thinking: that unless everyone gets a greater appreciation of what the drought means for our country, then there will continue to be water wastage, especially when the government is prepared to “sell” the rivers’ water. Enough said.

Feeling: well.

Bookmarking: a real book. Trouble is, the bookmark falls out. Trying to finish “Never Say Die” by Chris O’Brien.

Opening: a new packet of art supplies. NB: I already had them, not ordered as I wrote the post!!

Smiling: at how much I love these pretty, bright and colourful items and getting to use them.

My art….


How are you at waiting for repairs?

This has tested us quite a bit as we would never have allowed (if we were landlords) this ridiculously LONG drawn-out process to occur. It was recommended by the first person who checked it …”replace” but…landlord thinks “no, I will source the part”. THAT has taken 6 weeks. THEN a repairer with the part still needs to turn up on Monday AND, if after putting part in machine, we sure hope it works…or….back to the hand-washing up. Over it!

UPDATE: the dishwasher is fixed. It was a broken switch. 9 weeks ago we reported it. The first serviceman said “electrical board” gone, replace machine recommended. Owners said no. Today: a simple fix. But this serviceman left the control panel unstable so…can be used …so will need a return visit. Sigh!


Right, now where was I?

Hope you enjoyed the Taking Stock…and understood my little add-on and the reason for it.

Thanks everyone!


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