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Autumn At Last! 2017.67.

Autumn At Last! 2017.67.

This autumn came late it seems, totally befuddled by very hot days in February and then awful rain in later months…so the trees were very confused. Nevertheless, they are finally doing what they are supposed to do….and my mission on the coast was to find them. Off on a drive to places I’d not seen before and they yielded GOLDREDYELLOW and some PURPLE from the almost-finished flowering Tibouchinas.

Here they are! The last one, however, was one on my drive home. It is a tree I regretted not stopping to photograph in 2016 so this year I did!


What season is it where you are?

Are the seasons doing what they should?


P.S. Happy Mother’s Day for this Sunday to those who celebrate!

Here’s an oldie from my photo collection: My (late) Mum, Me, My Daughter, My Eldest Granddaughter. 2006.

Joining with Sammie and friends here for the Ultimate Rabbit Hole this weekend. Joining Sue here for her photo link up.