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Proud to Be Public. 2017.63.

Proud to Be Public. 2017.63.

I’ve been a proud supporter of public education since 1954 when I started school in Gwynneville.

I even recall turning down the opportunity to attend a private girls’ school for my high school years in Sydney.

I am not sure of what kept me so loyal to public education but from the time I joined the ranks as a professional I stayed with that loyalty.

Do not get me wrong however, as I also believe in parental choice for schooling.

I just preferred both the system I knew and was proud of for our children’s education as well as where I worked.

Now, one time I have been particularly proud of public education in NSW is when the MAJOR live event called The Schools Spectacular is on.

From the mid 1980s until the NSW Government determined to change the buildings and surrounds at Darling Harbour, the ‘school spec’ was held at the Sydney Enterainment Centre. We first attended in its second year, and from then on, every few years and when grandchildren were part of the multi-thousand casts from NSW schools I was there!!

A most poignant attendance for me was my last one. In November 2014 we already knew we were moving away from Sydney and family. It was the last chance to attend a Schools Spectacular at the EntCent so knowing I had my eldest granddaughter in this one it was important. I took one granddaughter who would be starting school the following year, and on the day, met up with my daughter (a teacher in NSW public schools too) and two of her kids (two more of my lovely grandkids in their teens).

We got to see this. I watched it again last week and knew I had to share it.

The person playing the Army Nurse (red cape, and at the end in the coat) is my eldest granddaughter. The first two of the young men playing soldiers are friends of hers from then school. This is 2014 and they have all left school now. My granddaughter and her friends were part of the NSW Public Schools Drama Ensemble and this the reason for their inclusion.

My granddaughter was in top 10% for drama that year in the HSC, and after her gap year, auditioned and was accepted into AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School) where she is now in the second year majoring in film production.

Grandma is very proud to introduce Jessica Gosling!

And, this talented young woman has started something different..for women, about women. Here she is,

. Her channel on YouTube explains it all. Go!

So, this is one more reason I am proud to be a supporter of Public Education!

Have you ever been to the Schools Spectacular?

If you want to know more: here is the link to the page.

It sets records for the largest number of performers around the world I believe!

Did you attend concerts at the Sydney Entertainment Centre?


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