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Easter Season. 2017.54.

Easter Season. 2017.54.

I wrote about My Easter this week here. Memories of Easter and more.

This post is about the season in which Easter arrives in the Southern Hemisphere.

Unlike the themes of new life and Spring of the Northern Hemisphere, we in Australia have a sense of the coming of the season of Winter and shorter (much) days and longer (much) nights.

Easter usually arrives well into Autumn and this week we’ve had cold(er) nights and it’s been raining more.

On Thursday before Easter the day was bright and warm so I ventured out, armed with a better camera to capture what I could of favourite places before the days get too unpleasant!

Here are my Easter Season shots:

Nestled in this tree by the lake are at least 5 birds. Large ones too.

On the walkway to Lakes Beach, I always look south to the lighthouse at Norah Head in the distance.

Looking north now from the vantage point of the walkway onto the beach. These grasses help the beach stabilise.

Looking west from Lakes Beach itself. Magical!

The waves were rough one of the surfers told me. And out at sea are various tanker ships (not seen) waiting till they can dock in Newcastle further north.

Today’s beach writing!

We are staying put for Easter as always but we are now delighted that some of our family are driving up on Saturday and Sunday for a catch up, some lunch and a few little Easter Egg treats.

What are you doing for Easter?


There is but one photo link-up now I follow. Here it is.

I am joining with Sammie and friends here for The Ultimate Rabbit Hole on the weekend. Thank you for having me!