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Autumn. #LifeThisWeek 12/52. 2017.45.

Autumn. #LifeThisWeek 12/52. 2017.45.

This prompt was strictly from my calendar. In the northern hemisphere Autumn/Fall commences September 21.

In the southern hemisphere we call the season Autumn from March 1.

The reasons I like Autumn are:

  • cooler evenings
  • cooler days
  • sunshine that does not burn (as much)
  • plants changing – losing leaves or adding new flowers
  • sense of calming down after the extremes of weather in the previous season of summer
  • a gentler season as daylight saving finishes soon
  • time for more indoors leisure

However, Autumn just hasn’t played well to date in many parts of Australia and with record high temperatures, bush fires, drought, flooding, cyclones and more…there sure are no falling leaves (except green ones whipped off trees in the winds) YET.

My autumn photos from late last week:

An hour before this shot, I had been looking at almost completely blue sky!

The garden is doing well….but I fear my sweet peas might drown…I have snail bait everywhere because nothing eats my new plants!

Photo taken from inside the car. Normally tranquil lake affected by high tide, southerly wind and constant rain.

I remain someone who still tries to find autumn leaves where they are gathering and sometime soon I “hope” I will trek again to the more inland spots on the Central Coast to find them. I have wonderful memories of taking 2 grandchildren on walks around our old neighbourhood gathering autumn leaves for craft and having the fun of crunching them under their feet..and even lying in them. Not me, the kids!! A snippet from a favourite song I always taught little kids..with hands like leaves falling down…

Autumn leaves now are falling, red and yellow and brown

Autumn leaves now are falling see them tumbling down

So… Autumn leaves WILL be falling in some places I am sure…

but for now all I can offer is this lovely 1 minute of gentle autumnal leaves falling: Credit:

What is the weather like where you are now?

Is it autumnal or are you moving into spring?


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