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Surprise Blooms! 2017.23.

Surprise Blooms! 2017.23.

I am not really an experienced gardener at all.

However, since moving to this rented house I have enjoyed putting together some plants into pots.

They bring colour and some joy to me every day as I care for them.

Recently, the path near where these pots had been placed started ‘growing’ some greenery,

Initially I thought weeds. Then I took a closer look.

Some of the little offshoots from one group of my plants had taken themselves (via birds or wind, I do not know) and planted into the cracks of the paved area.

Today, a very hot sunny one in NSW, I took pics of how they’ve surprised me with their blooms!

Thank you to two friends who reminded me of the name of these beauties: Portulacas


Are you surprised by nature?

I am.


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